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Book Review (Spoilers): Everyday by David Levithan

Plot Overview
This book explores the life of a teenager who wakes up in a different body of someone their age, never the same person twice. This teen has been living like this for sixteen years, living each day for that person and never getting too involved in their life. But when they meet Rhiannon everything changes.


The books overall sentiment was that love transcends all and that A was special because they didn't identify as any gender or race and had lived through all walks of life giving them a unique perspective on the world. And although to many people this seemed to be a progressive book, I thought the intent was great but the execution was horrible.

First, can we talk about how all the characters were defaulted to be white? As I was reading I found it uncomfortable the way POC characters were introduced to the reader and the use of stereotypes and lack of originality with the characterization.

As a Latina, I felt great offense about the Latina character in the book.…

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