Sunday, July 27, 2014

Posting Schedule

So if you read this blog ( I really appreciate it by the way) you would have noticed that I haven't been posting everyday like I usually do. It's been very hard to post everyday and now that school is starting up again it's going to be even harder. So I'm making a commitment to post at least three times a week. With this schedule I will be able to provide good content with good photos. Also in the next coming weeks I will be posting more back-to-school posts. I hope this gives more clarification to everyone reading!

I hope this clears confusion (if there was any)
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Thursday, July 24, 2014


It's the end of July and you know what that means? Just a few more weeks until school starts! I just wanted to write a little paragraph to get you motivated for the new school year! Now one thing that really helps me is to go back to school shopping. I usually start with the supplies first, I like the deals that the stores have and the nicely decorated notebooks. I'm a total nerd when it comes to school supplies. I also love back to school clothes shopping! Usually I clean out my closet and make room for new clothes. Then to get in the "school spirit" I like to make a party with all my friends before school starts.

What do you do before back to school season?
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Getting Organized!

So a new school year and season is coming & you know what that means...
Back to shopping and preparing yourself mentally for what is to come.
An easy way to get organized is to go into your local stores and search the office supply section for things like this cool magnetic board (above). I received this a gift from my mom, she bought it from Dollar General. This is perfect to put on the refrigerator, I can attach papers on it and remind myself of things I nee to get done.

One of my FAVORITE office supply things are post-it notes! They are very versatile and come in all shapes and sizes.These work for any and everything I possibly might need! I use them to label folders, binders, etc.

The Post-it brand, to be specific, has a lot of "accessories" for office supplies. For example this cute post-it dispenser that I purchased from staples! I love using this when I need to jot down something quick.

Lastly the iconic whiteboard calendar. I love this square dry-erase white board that I purchased at Kmart. I customized it to make it personal by adding colorful
magnets. Every month I love writing in what I'm going to be doing & seeing when I'm free to hang out with friends.

I hope this was helpful!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Explore Your surroundings!

This is a continued, more detailed blog post from my previous one Summer Living. I think on those boring summer days when you don't know what to do, but you want to do something or go somewhere you might want to do some research and find out what's available in your area!

Recently I've been going around my own and going to places that are really cool. In the beginning of the month I met up with a friend at a café downtown. It was my first time there but it was really cool atmosphere, very laid back.

Two Saturdays ago I went to a cool buffet, it's family owned with a neat gift shop & bakery. We grubbed on lunch like there was no tomorrow! They had a wide variety of food, from Mexican to Southern not to mention the large dessert section.

This past weekend I went with a friend and my sister to this amazing place with a whole bunch of trampolines. You might have one near you, just check out This wonderful pace filled with trampolines has dodge ball and a foam pit that you can jump into!

Next time you're bored, explore your town or city and see what you can find!
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Living

Bored & need something to do? Here are some things you can do on summer days/nights!

~In the morning if you're feeling extra motivated go take a walk! Go around your neighborhood and really embrace the environment around you. It's a nice way to get fresh air, a tan & some exercise.
~Try having lunch as a picnic! Grab a blanket & your lunch and eat outside, enjoy the nice weather.
~Go to your local downtown area and check out your local restaurants & shops. You can be surprised by what you find!

~Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. Most stores have s'mores ingredients on display. Pick some up and eat chocolate-gooey goodness.
~Become a stargazer, lay out the blanket(again) and observe the sky.
~Grab some friends, go to a park and play manhunt! Manhunt is essentially hide-and-go seek in the dark with a group. Everyone splits into two teams and one team seeks the team that's hidden & when someone is found they go to jail. But a 'hidden' team member can get his fellow players out of jail by tagging them.

I hope this gives you some ideas of what to do on the boring summer days/nights.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Photo editing Apps

I've recently been loving editing my apps for Instagram, whether it's putting on a filter or adding a cool font or sticker. Three apps that I love using are Photo Grid, Pic Collage and Pic Lab.

I love using photo grid because of it's filters. This app has many to choose from & in the single collage feature it instantly squares your photos! My favorite filter is Sunshine, it brightens up your picture and gives it a professional look

Pic Collage has a lot of backgrounds to choose from and it has a lot of fonts for when you want to write something on you pictures!
One thing I love about this app is that it has a focus feature. This feature lets you isolate a part of the picture that you really want to capture.
Pic lab has a load of cool backgrounds for pictures and a bunch of unique features like texture & shape.
This app also has a bunch of unique filters that I love using. My favorite is Polka Dot, I love how it blurs out the picture but at the same time shows the color & outline of the image.

**Disclaimer this is not sponsored, all opinions are my own. I know many of us like Instagram & editing photos so these are some of my favorite.

Tell me what you think!

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Monday, July 14, 2014


Have you ever watched the show extreme couponers? I've recently been watching it and I love to see the people saving so much money and always loved to try but as they state in the show it takes many hours of clipping and researching sale prices. I have some simple tips on how to become a successful couponer and save some money. 
1. Get access to coupons. If you have a newspaper subscription the Sunday paper is a great way to get way to get coupons! If you don't want to spend money on the newspaper I suggest finding a free printable coupon site.
2. Take a couple of minutes and find out, whether by internet, phone or in store, how frequently there are sales. Also check if your store multiplies coupons.
3. Once you find out when your sales are in your store you simply have to match the coupon with that sale item and get a great deal!
Things to remember:
~Always make sure to keep your coupons up to date, sometimes forgetting about coupons can end up on loss of a good deal because of an expired coupon.
~Even if the item isn't on sale a coupon does help save some money
Try to apply these tips on your next shopping trip and let me know how it goes!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hair Care Routine

Before I start I wanted to give some background info on my hair. I have fairly long and really curly hair so some of the products I use may have varying results. And as a result of my hair being so long and curly I wash it once a week. Washing it several times a week isn't realistic since the washing/drying/straightening process takes about 2 hours.

When starting the washing process I usually start off with a hair mask. When my hair is particularly dry I like to put in the hair mask to put some nutrients back in my hair. 
DIY hair mask:
- 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise 
- 1 egg
Mix the mayonnaise and raw egg in a bowl, for extra added nutrients add in a slice of avocado. The consistency of the mask should be thick,if the avocado is added, if not the mixture should be more of a liquid. After you get the right consistency apply the mask all throughout your hair. Leave it in for 15-20  minutes and then wash out. Warning this mask does not smell the best so be mindful of that.

After leaving the mask in for 20 minutes I wash it out and continue with shampoo and conditioner. 
I recently just bought the John Frieda Frizz Ease shampoo & conditioner. The claims of this product are that it eliminates frizz. After using both of these products I think it holds true to its claims. My hair is frizz free and has an added shine. I would definitely would recommend this product to anyone with frizz problems it works!

When wearing my hair curly I will usually towel dry & comb through my curls. Sometimes my hair gets really tangled and I will detangle it using a spray bottle filled with half parts water and half parts conditioner. Spray a little on tangled area brush from tips to roots and my hair is tangle free! 

Then to hold in the curls I will use some Treseme defining gel. This holds my curls in for the day and doesn't get hard.
That's it for my hair care routine!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Reading List

This summer I want to dive into books, I love reading and recently I have been visiting the library and have conjured up a pile of books that I want to read.

The four books I have in mind (pictured above) are:

~Heart to Heart by Lurlene McDaniel
~In search of mockingbird by Loretta Ellsworth 
~A funny thing about love by Erin Downing
~How to love by Katie Cotungo

If you think any of these books are intriguing, go check them out at your local library or order them online.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Five ways to stay fit this summer

Summer is a time to feel free and to let loose right? Maybe sometimes we lay back too much and forget. Well I'm here to say stop and get back on your feet. Take care of yourself and don't let yourself go!

First step to getting fit and staying fit is getting fitspiration!
A good place to go would be Pinterest, there are a whole bunch of boards with pictures & videos.
Follow my fitness board to get inspired on your fitness journey.

Watermelon Breeze: 3 cups cubed chilled watermelon, 1 cup coconut water, squeeze of fresh lime, ice if needed, sprig of mint. Put all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Makes two servings.
Second get motivated! Something that gets me pumped to start working out is buying active wear. Even though it's an excuse to go shopping, buying appropriate clothes for a work out puts the thought in mind that I need to make use of the clothes.
Active wear by acwold, via Polyvore
Third get into a routine. I started watching videos on Youtube and subscribed to some fitness channels with weekly fitness videos. One of my favorites is XHIT, it is a fitness channel with weekly videos that are short yet intense. Another idea is to follow fitness blogs.
Fourth change your diet or develop new eating habits. You don't have to be too extreme, like go on a raw food diet but set small goals for yourself. For example for the rest of the month you won't drink soda & next month you'll cut back on sugary snacks. Here's an idea on healthy cookies
Ingredients: 2 medium ripe bananas, mashed 1 cup of uncooked Old Fashioned Oats 1/4 cup chocolate chips Directions: Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray a cookie sheet with nonstick cooking spray. Mix the mashed bananas and oats in a bowl. Fold in the chocolate chips. Using a spoon, scoop up the batter and place on the cookie sheet. Bake for 12-15 minutes.
Fifth stick with it! Do not slack, although this may seem inevitable it is possible! To keep on top of things at the beginning of each week write down your fitness routine in your calendar. When fixing your eating habits set alarms close to the times you eat, so you'll always be reminded to accomplish your goals! But do not reward yourself after every accomplished goal with a "treat", this leads to the road of self indulgence.
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dress For Less
Have you ever looked in a magazine and wanted the outfits you saw but never thought you could afford them? Well I have a solution, there are a number of chain stores that sell designer brands at discount prices. So you can dress have the designer look and still have money in your pocket.
T.J.Maxx, Marshalls and Ross are great stores to find these great deals!
These stores have enough to revamp your wardrobe or add here-and-there to make all your outfits "wow" worthy. The wide variety of brands and prices gives us the freedom to have designer clothes and a guilt-free conscience.
If you've never heard of any of these stores, go to their website and find the closest one near you! I guarantee you won't regret making the trip. Take a fashion adventure into the world of discount designer.
*Disclaimer: This is not sponsored in any way, shape or form. All opinions are my own. The idea of this post was sparked after a shopping trip to Ross and buying some items for my summer wardrobe.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Glasses: Fashion Statement or Accessory?

Since the trend of “Nerd” glasses came to be, many of us have gotten to wear them whenever we feel it’s appropriate with an outfit. Then there are some of us who have to wear them for everyday use (without them we couldn’t see). For me I need to wear glasses on an everyday basis. So when shopping for glasses I choose wisely since I have to wear them everyday with every outfit. So when you’re choosing glasses for recreational purposes or everyday use keep these things in mind.

Glasses are something that should compliment your face, so pick frames that go with you face shape! My glasses (picture above) are the right width for my face, I have a small round face so these are perfect. For specific details on how to find the right glasses for your face shape click the picture below!

If you’re picking frames for everyday use remember to be cautious of the ones you choose. The glasses that I wear are a black frame with a sea green pop on the sides. I love them because I can wear them with any outfit but it’s not plain or boring and in the light the sea green color shines through and reflects on the lenses (if you look closely above you can see it on the glare of the glasses). There are a variety of frames in many colors, if you chose a pair with a very vibrant color be sure of your decision because if you grow tired of them it does take a while to get new prescription frames (1-2 weeks). I recommend going for a neutral color with a simple design.

When choosing any pair of glasses make sure they fit your face. Some glasses may have a tight fit on the ides of your head or drop from the bridge of your nose. An example of this (when buying prescription glasses) there are adult, junior and children sections, just like when you buy clothes. Since I have a small shape I wouldn’t necessarily go to the adult section because the glasses tend to be much wider. Also some glasses may have long temples that may cause the ear piece to stick out too far from behind your ear (many shops can fix this no problem).

Although glasses may seem like a simple thing but they can make or break you (literally) ha ha! Next time that you choose glasses prescription or not keep these things in mind.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Follow Me

Since this is a new blog I decided to join a few things online to further promote my blog:

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Disclaimer: Many of these social media sites will have the same posts, depending on site posts may vary.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Words Of Wisdom

Happy Sunday Everyone! As some may know I am a person that goes to church and I enjoy it. I love the fellowship that I can with a large group of people about the same thing; our love for the Lord. I am aware that not everyone goes to church or is a believer but that doesn't stop me from talking about it. Back when I was struggling with confidence (as told in my last post) I sometimes would read the bible and look for answers. This one verse caught my eye and made me smile, people can bring us down all they want but I know there is one person who knows me inside and out. Although many say that the bible can't apply to our lives in modern times I think this verse proves wrong. We've all been in that place where we feel like everyone's judging us but it doesn't matter what people think, and if you find it hard to think that remember that the Lord loves you just the way you are. Well I hope everyone continues to have a great day!

Live ~Laugh~Love 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Building, Maintaining & Keeping Confidence

So today I received my monthly subscription of Seventeen Magazine. The subscription service allows you to get the latest issue of the magazine a month beforehand, this is the back-to-school issue for the month of August. Also in this issue the magazine has a guest editor Demi Lovato and she wrote the most amazing article on her ways she's learned how to be confident over these past few years. After reading this article I felt very inspired by her and glad that she was willing to share her story with us.

This past year I learned a lot of things about myself and about the people who I've come to surround myself with. I finally understood that I didn't need their opinions to make me happy. I needed to accept myself to be happy. When reading Demi's article I really empathized with her on a lot of things and I'm so proud to know she realized these things too.

I'm still a teen in high school and you can imagine the environment I'm still in, the constant competition and struggle for attention by anyone and everyone who will give it to you. But this past year it clicked in my brain that I don't need to impress anyone so their opinion about me changes, I don't need to care about what they're thinking to be happy. I just need to be proud of me and not change myself unless the outcome will have positive products. Since I've come to realize this my total persona has changed in the way I carry myself as a person. I hold my head high and surround myself by positive people and I don't let people toy with my emotions. Other things I've done to help me with my confidence is to look at all the good things in my life, to appreciate the little things. A good thing that helps me is reminding myself of my achievements and all the things I've gotten to do in my life.

My friend sent me this pin on Pinterest after I declared my sudden discovery. I was glad my friends were supportive of my new discovery. Some may be thinking of how my friends couldn't have told me this or even my parents, but another thing I've learned is no matter how  many times you tell a person what's right they're not going to listen until they decide they want to. So to all my friends out there who may be struggling with confidence my three things to take away are;
1. Surround yourself with positive people (and listen to them!)
2. Always talk about your problems, never keep them to yourself
3. Always look on the positive side, it may not be easy but there always is a positive side if you just find it.

Live ~Laugh~Love 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fouth Fun

Today is the celebration of the Independence of the United States. Many of us spend this time with family and friends. This morning I got dressed and went to my Aunt's house for a cookout, due to the wind we ate inside, none-the-less it was amazing to be surrounded by family and food. We ate pork chops from the grill and Italian bread. We also got themed doughnuts, they looked like hotdogs and hamburgers, from out grocery store. Then sadly I had to go to work at the grocery store where we got the doughnuts from. Working at the grocery store isn't all bad though, most customers are friendly.
So after my shift I came home to my Christmas-crazed mother watching Christmas movies on the hallmark channel. Christmas in July is actually a thing and they're giving movies until the 13th. So once we're finished with the Christmas movies and its dark outside we'll watch the fireworks outside on the front porch. I think this fourth of July will be the most memorable for me. Although you may be thinking "What's so memorable?", from my perspective this is the first summer that I have an official job and last year we went on vacation fourth of July weekend so we didn't get to spend it with family & tonight might be the first time I actually see the fireworks on Fourth of July (I usually fall asleep before they are launched or I see them on the fifth).  

So to everyone reading Happy Fourth of July!!! 
If you have time read some of these blog posts; Classy&Fabulous, AnnOrShine, and AllRecepies

Live ~Laugh~Love 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How To Shop Like a Pro

 When I’m going clothes shopping I love saving a little extra cash. Shopping sales and clearance racks are a great way to save money but believe it or not many of us may be doing it wrong. Here are some tips that you can use the next time you go shopping.

~When you walk into a store that has huge sale signs up always be alert. Many of us tend to grab a big load of clothes without thinking twice! This could be dangerous because some stores take a dollar or two off to make it seem, at a glance, that you’ve just gotten an amazing deal.
~When you find something that you like, decide if you want it or not. If you are thinking of getting an item, look at the original price and the sale price to make sure you have a good deal. 
~Decide "Do I really need the item?" Sometimes we can get blindsided and take clothes or accessories we don’t even need. Trust me most of the clothes that I got on sale I don't even wear, I just bought it because of the sale.

Clearance (also applies to thrift stores):
When approaching a clearance rack you must always have these two things in mind; clothes on the rack are here for a limited time and that sizes may vary. I believe these are very important things to remember because the clothes on the rack are wanting to be cleared from the store (hence the name). So it’s very unlikely you’ll see that cute shirt with one shoulder sleeve and lace trimming around the bottom for only $5.99 ever again. Taking into consideration if the shirt was a size too big/small for you, you shouldn’t have bought it. Like sale items, clearance items have an effect over us, even at the rock bottom price of $5.99, we will buy it but not wear it. Unless you know that you can take it to a tailor and get it fitted, don’t buy something that will just take up space.

I hope that we all confessed to our shopping habits and figured out why we’re always broke! Ha ha but I hope these tips were really helpful. And try to apply these tips to your habits the next time you go shopping.

Live ~Laugh~Love