Summer Living

Bored & need something to do? Here are some things you can do on summer days/nights!

~In the morning if you're feeling extra motivated go take a walk! Go around your neighborhood and really embrace the environment around you. It's a nice way to get fresh air, a tan & some exercise.
~Try having lunch as a picnic! Grab a blanket & your lunch and eat outside, enjoy the nice weather.
~Go to your local downtown area and check out your local restaurants & shops. You can be surprised by what you find!

~Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. Most stores have s'mores ingredients on display. Pick some up and eat chocolate-gooey goodness.
~Become a stargazer, lay out the blanket(again) and observe the sky.
~Grab some friends, go to a park and play manhunt! Manhunt is essentially hide-and-go seek in the dark with a group. Everyone splits into two teams and one team seeks the team that's hidden & when someone is found they go to jail. But a 'hidden' team member can get his fellow players out of jail by tagging them.

I hope this gives you some ideas of what to do on the boring summer days/nights.
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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