Wednesday, December 30, 2015


During this lovely holiday break I have still been applying to colleges. On most applications schools will ask short response questions to get a sense of what kind of student you are. One of the schools I applied to asked me a question that took me by surprise. Not because it was challenging or confusing but the level of depth that the answer could hold, was astounding to me (also the fact that they only gave me a maximum of 200 words).

"If you were to write the story of your life until now, what would you title it and why?"

​My Secret Life ​would be the title of my life up until now. As a person I feel that I am very bubbly and energetic, friendly and open-minded. I am always eager to learn new things and explore different places but as a person I also tend to hide some things I feel ashamed of or too embarrassed to talk about. I put up a facade for my friends to look at but I never reveal my whole self. Although I have some pretty amazing friends I never get to show them who I truly am, partly because I'm not too sure myself. As I continue on through my Senior year of high school I am beginning to find out who I am as a person; what my morals are, my sense of style in the way I dress and the way I handle my emotions. I am so proud of the person that I have become but I wish everyone could know who I truly am.

Above is the piece that I submitted to the college, with only the allowance of 200 words maximum, I feel like there was so much more that I could have expanded on.

In this day and age especially I feel like there are so many aspects that make up a person as an individual, that the sense of oneself is lost from being split into so many different directions.

There are some things I feel like I should clarify....

When I speak about putting up a facade for my friends, I mean that there are certain thing like my financial issues or personal things going on at home that I wouldn't feel comfortable discussing with them. And if your saying "Well if they're your friends you should feel comfortable" but this is not always the case because some of my friends were raised differently than me so their view points on things wouldn't be relevant to my situation. Also some of my friends have different morals than I do which can become a tough situation when in social environments.

In terms of never showing my true self......during Freshman year of high school I hardly knew anyone. I felt so out of place. Most of the people that were around me had known each other for years and here I am the odd ball out. When I first meet new people I tend to be shy and hide in a shell, I don't like expressing myself or being overly flamboyant with people I hardly know. But as I become more familiar with you I come out of my shell and become the kind, bubbly and energetic person I am.

But at the start of high school the people around me seemed to be in a certain mold and I felt like I had to become apart of that mold just to be seen or relevant. I changed who I was just to make friends. And as it would seem, I no longer talk to those people that I tried to fit in the mold with. When I look back it seems to be all or nothing, but as my best friend would say ''it was a learning experience''.

Now halfway through senior year I can truly see myself, being myself. I have lost friends 'here and there' which sucks, but the true people stay until the end. And I am so glad that I've come to this realization because I have gotten the chance to make so many new friends and meet so many interesting people. I am breaking out of the mold I put myself into three years ago.

I am finally being myself, and you know what? IT'S GREAT!

Hope you enjoyed reading about who I am....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Saturday, December 26, 2015



Christmas of 2015 was an a amazing celebration. I got to spend a wonderful amount of time with my friends and family.

As a Christmas Eve tradition, my sister and I started the morning off by exchanging one of the gifts that we got for each other. She chose to give me a bracelet. It is a mock Pandora bracelet that came with a few charms. It had a red theme to it, on red bead and a red suitcase, silver Eiffel tower and a plane bead. The name of the bracelet was Globe Trotter, this was the perfect bracelet for me, my sister knows me so well. And one of my dreams is to travel to Paris and visit the fashion houses.

Later that night we celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family at my aunts' house. There was tons of food and all the cousins were gathered together. I mostly ate food, I'm a slow eater and it took me a good hour and a half to finish my food (not an exaggeration). I took a break from eating because i physically couldn't eat all the food on my plate in one sitting. I had yellow rice and beans, chicken, pernir (shredded roast pork), pasta salad and lasagna. It was all delicious, especially the empanadas, which are similar to meat pies.

That night my sister and I camped out in my basement and had a Christmas movie marathon. We watched Elf, Polar Express, Frozen and more but we eventually fell asleep. We pitched a mini tent in front of our tv filled it with pillows and blankets and had a bunch of snacks. It was a great end to Christmas Eve.

Christmas day was  just as eventful. After a long night of watching movies my mom woke my sister and I up veerrrry early on Christmas morning. Around 7am we opened and exchanged gifts, we started with stockings. Then my sister and I exchanged gifts and gave our parents their gifts. After that we opened the gifts our parents gave to us. The best part of this was watching my family members reactions when they opened their gifts, especially my sisters. I wanted to get her stuff that she would use and that she would like.

Later that day my aunt came over with my cousins and they hung out for a bit as we exchanged gifts, hung out and listened to Christmas music. After that we traveled to my grandmother's house on my, dad's side, and we hung out there for a couple of hours. I got to see my grandfather and cousins. I also got to see my cousin, who I haven't seen for a few years since he was enlisted into the army. It was so nice to catch up with everyone.

That night we ordered Chinese, pork fried rice and chicken broccoli, yuuummmm. My sister in I had round two of our movie campout in our new Olaf onsies and had a Despicable me marathon.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my Christmas!
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015



These past few days I have been wrapped up in the holiday bustle! This past weekend I did some last minute Christmas shopping. I spent all of my time wrapping everything and getting into the holiday spirit!

On Friday the eighteenth I performed in my last holiday concert with one of the choral groups that I am apart of at school. It was a truly bittersweet moment for me, I am a senior this year and I truly tried to enjoy the moment but I couldn't help but think about how this time next year I will be somewhere else doing something else. I've been apart of this choir since freshman year and I've grown so fond of the family feel.

Also during this very short-three day week at school I choose to really invest time into my friends and the people around me. All this week I felt like Santa Claus because I was giving gifts to all my friends and teachers. I bought most of my friends gifts without telling my friends so it was so nice to see the surprised smile on their faces when they received the gift. I also gave cards and candy canes to all of my teacher.

What I enjoy most about this time year is giving gifts. I honestly love seeing someone's face light up because of something that I got them. Don't get me wrong I do like receiving but I'd much rather give to people.

Today I got to help my friend wrap up some gifts that she bought to give to kids at our local shelter. it is really fulfilling when you can give back or help out in anyway during anytime of the year not just the holidays.

Are you excited yet?
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 2 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015



There is a week and a few days until Christmas is here and I still have so many gifts to buy and not enough time or money. As a teen that works so few days during the year, I barely have enough saved up for anything. I spent most of my money on my sister and on food when I eat out. Not having enough money to gift to my friends hurts me so much! I love all of my friends and wish I could get them all presents but the reality is that i can't and it honestly breaks my heart. I feel that i put so much stress on myself, especially during the holidays, to please everyone and to make everyone happy. I honestly wish that i didn't have such a generous heart because then i wouldn't be as stressed but genuinely want to make people happy.

But honestly the holidays are meant to be spent with your family and friends and enjoying their company. I feel like we tend to get so wrapped up in gift giving that we loose sight in the true meaning of the holiday. Do you guys agree?

Hope you enjoyed my rant about gift giving!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 9 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 



Every year, in some shape or form, I participate in secret Santa. If you are not familiar with this, secret Santa is an activity that takes place during the Christmas season where a group of people exchange names at random and pick out gifts for each other. Usually the people who participate in this activity are people who you know, like family or friends. This year I am participating in a Secret Santa but I'm not entirely sure who all is included in it. One of my friends has organized it and has generously included anyone who was willing to participate. We are planning to have a party at her house later this week. I'm a little anxious to know who all is involved but that is also the fun of secret Santa, not knowing who has who and who has you. Luckily I picked a name of someone i know pretty well so I am confident I picked out a good gift for them. Also with this secret Santa we were required to write three things we would like to relieve and there was a $20 limit so no one was out shined.

Hope that all your Christmas Traditions continue!

Hope you enjoyed my blurb of Secret Santa!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 10 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Monday, December 14, 2015



There are certain things that you can only get during the holiday season which i love and wish they were available all year around!

These cane shaped candies are delicious and should be available 365 days of the year!

These cookies are so cute and delicious, Pillsbury never ceases to produce quality products.

The most appealing thing about a mocha for me is that i have the delight of coffee without the horrible taste (sorry coffee drinkers). Its basically hot chocolate with a shot of espresso and the twist of peppermint for the holidays.

Do you have any treats you can only get during the Holidays?

Hope you enjoyed my list of Holiday treats!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 12 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 



"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear" -Buddy the Elf

Around this time of year, is the only time that you can go around your neighborhood singing in front of people's house's without them calling the police. Rounding up a couple of friends and family members to walk around a certain part of your town or neighborhood is a great way to spread Christmas cheer.

This is a list of songs that are typically sung when Christmas caroling, some of which you may recognize from BLOGMAS DAY ELEVEN.....

Deck the Halls

Jingle Bells

The First Noel

Joy to the World

O' Come All Ye Faithful

Hope you try this out!

Hope you enjoyed this idea!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 13 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Saturday, December 12, 2015



During the Christmas season i not only enjoy watching Christmas movies and decorating, I also enjoy enjoy listening to Christmas music! Here are some of my favorite songs to listen to....these are in no particular order!

1. All I want for Christmas is you -Mariah Carey
There is also a newer version of this song with Justin Bieber which I don't mind.

2. Silent Night - Pentatonix

3. It's the Most wonderful time of the Year - Andy Williams

4. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas - The Drifters

5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Glee

6. Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

7. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Johnny Mathis

8. The Nutcracker

9. Let It Snow - Michael Buble

10. Santa Claus is Coming to Town- Justin Bieber

I also know and have a lot more songs to share with you...What about a part two?

Hope you enjoyed this list of songs!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 14 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 



Every year it is a tradition in my house to watch Christmas movies starting in NOVEMBER! I know that's a bit of a stretch but we love Christmas so much, why not extend the season? Here are a few of my favorites in no articular order, because honestly they are all wonderful.

1. Elf

5. Miracle on 34th Street (1947 & 1994 versions are wonderful)
10. The Polar Express

Just as a fun fact, I've watched most of these movies on VHS and I still have them but it might be time to buy them on DVD.....

As a self proclaimed Christmas Maven there are still some classic Christmas movies that I have yet been able to see like

White Christmas (although I saw the Musial theater version, which was amazing)

I have so many more movies to share with you guy, I might do another post with more movies....

Hope you enjoyed this list of movies!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 15 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015



While this holiday is full of cheer and joy it comes with its' tradition of giving gifts. And as a teenager there is this in-between stage where half of teenagers have jobs and the other half doesn't. I know this first hand because some of my friends don't have jobs and usually complain about not having money.

These gift ideas will be for people in both situations.

1. Christmas Card

Even if you don't have enough money for an 'actual gift' you can always give a card to someone. I personally like writing letters inside the card tellin the person how much I appreciate them. No matter how often you see a person, it's always a good idea to tell them how much you appreciate them.

2. Gift Cards

For my readers on a budget and time limit or for those who genuinely don't know what to get someone this is a great idea. All you need to know is someone's favorite store that they like to shop at and you leave the actual shopping to them. These are also budget friendly because you control the amount of money on the card.

3. Gift Basket/Box/Jar

This gift idea is very simple and customizable. All you need is a basket, box or jar to fill with your giftee's favorite things! I filled up a mason jar with a variety of snack size candies.

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful!

Hope you enjoyed these Gift Ideas!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 16 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey guys so for the past few days I've been posting fun things about the holiday season but I feel like we should take a step back and look at our lives. 

There is so much that we should be grateful for that we are taking advantage of while other people across the world are suffering. Although this may seem a bit dramatic, how many things do you own right now that some people in this world consider a luxury? Like a mattress or toilet or an oven...

During this season I challenge you all to participate in random acts of kindness. Whether it's holding a door for someone or paying for a friend or volunteering at a local shelter.

Taking some time or money to contribute back to your community and the people around you can make such a difference. 

Just something to consider as you continue during this holiday season.

Hope you enjoyed my commentary of the giving side of this holiday...
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 18 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Happy Sunday everyone! Here is a recepie to warm you up during these cold December days....


Things you'll need:
-Chocolate Syrup
-Candy Canes 
*optional* whip team and marshmallows

1. Heat up 2 1/2 cups of milk in a pan on the stove on medium heat until it is hot.
2. Add two to three teaspoons of chocolate syrup and mix into the milk while it is still on the stove.
3. Turn off the heat but while the milk is still warm add in one candy cane.
4. Pour into a cup and add whip cream and marshmallows with a drizzle of chocolate on the top!

Hope you enjoyed this easy Recepie!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 19 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 


Sorry it took me so long to get this post up, I just got done with my first semester of college! It's been an exciting journey but I'm glad it's over. Now I just have to get through finals week!

Anyway I have a few DIYs to keep up with the theme.


Get some WASHI tape and outline the shape of a tree! For extra decoration use real ornaments.


Something festive and simple cut up strips of paper and tape them into circles.  Then connect each paper circle together until you have a chain. For an added twist use all white paper and make a snowman! 


The most classic of all the decorations for Christmas, paper snowflakes! Just take a couple sheets of paper and cut up your own design!

Again sorry for this being so late!

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 20 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So today's DIY is so simple! Changing your background picture on your everyday devices can help remind you of Christmas and this time of the year.

Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop changing your wallpaper is simple. Here are a few and if you want more check out my Pinterest board.

Laptop/Desktop (Right click picture and click save image as...)

Phone/Tablet (Hold finger on picture and a pop-should appear and select save image)

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 23 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


So long time no blog, its been crazy with classes, homework and college applications but since this is one of my FAVORITE time of the year i just couldn't pass up missing out on doing #blogmas this year!

So this week is currently the last week of the semester for my English course that I'm taking and i am both excited and relieved. it's been an interesting journey thus far but I am ready to move forward and have some stress-free weeks for the rest of December.

This week is DIY week, I will post simple, quick and easy DIYs for you to complete.


Things you will need:
-Clothes Pins
*optional* Lights

*not my photo*

1. Figure out your desired length of twine, once you've figured out the perfect length cut multiple pieces.

2. Choose an empty space on a wall and hang the twine by hooks or nails.

3. Hang Christmas cards, quotes or pictures on it and attach with clothes pins to the twine.
If you need inspiration or pictures to hang check out my Pinterest board!

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 24 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love