Every year it is a tradition in my house to watch Christmas movies starting in NOVEMBER! I know that's a bit of a stretch but we love Christmas so much, why not extend the season? Here are a few of my favorites in no articular order, because honestly they are all wonderful.

1. Elf

5. Miracle on 34th Street (1947 & 1994 versions are wonderful)
10. The Polar Express

Just as a fun fact, I've watched most of these movies on VHS and I still have them but it might be time to buy them on DVD.....

As a self proclaimed Christmas Maven there are still some classic Christmas movies that I have yet been able to see like

White Christmas (although I saw the Musial theater version, which was amazing)

I have so many more movies to share with you guy, I might do another post with more movies....

Hope you enjoyed this list of movies!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 15 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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