Thursday, August 28, 2014

Labor Day Plans

Labor day weekend is approaching fast! I have a few ideas to soak in the last days of summer and to keep the mind distracted from school. This weekend should be embraced, this is the opportunity to have some relaxation & fun before school. My school gave me this Friday through next Monday off for labor day & every second will be enjoyed.
~An idea for this weekend is to have one last taste of summer before school really starts is to enjoy the pool! Where I live the weather actually changes, so the pool is not open all year long. With this past winter being extra-long all this summer I've appreciated the heat and will soak up the sun over this weekend. I would suggest going with friends and family, have a genuine good time and have a moment to yourself, no need to post to instagram or tweet.

~Want a relaxing weekend? Try going to the park and taking a walk. If you don't want to do that try walking around your neighborhood. The summer breeze is the perfect weather for a walk. When I walk I get to think and organize my life, take a breather from the daily responsibilities. To add on to the relaxation is to just sit outside or lay out on the grass and look into the sky (very cheesy but try it, you can be surprised).

~Find a local place to hang out! Around my city there are a lot of places near the town square/downtown area. When you look around your area there are many places that are locally owned! Look around and see what you can find! I like going to a local cafĂ© in my downtown area that has great milkshakes.
Hopefully this gave you some ideas for what to do this weekend! Also shout out to my friend who REALLY wanted me to do this, you can follow her here.
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Freshman Advice

Anyone starting high school may be nervous, and you have the right to be! You are about to enter a whole different environment. High school has different teachers and different students with the added uncertainty of not being familiar with anything. Now my tips may vary depending on your school and where you live.


~So for your freshman year is the most important academic year of your life. This year will determine your GPA for the rest of your high school career. If your wondering what a GPA is, it's your grade-point-average, the higher your GPA the better off you are so don't slack off!
~One thing that really helped me freshman year was to make a locker schedule to switch out supplies and lighten my backpack.
~Try exploring all possible ways of going to class, don't be accustomed to only one way & if you're not sure ask around.
~ Don't get stuck in hallway traffic! In my school its always a good idea to avoid the hallways that are near the lunchroom.
~Always have a pencil, golden rule!
~Depending on your school, homeroom is filled with the same people for all four years so getting used to the people in homeroom is best :)

Something's that I've learned from being in high school is that it was pretty easy to make friends. I came from a different middle school than most of my classmates, it was pretty much a fresh start for me but all of us were nervous on the first day so you'll find someone in your same situation. Plus high school has a wonderful social outlet called clubs, this is the easiest and most effective way to make new friends. Freshman year I joined a few clubs and got to know a lot more people. Something else I discovered about high school is that it's okay to ask questions. This may seem like a no-brainer but I was intimidated by everyone around me and thought I was dumb if I asked a question. This is the contrary to what I thought, many teachers are prepared and willing to help you. Lastly I've learned time management skills! My skills have been perfected year after, I know how to balance homework, clubs, concerts (I'm in two choirs in school) and church.
 High school is what you make it and slacking off won't help you, being the best student you can be is the best road to success.
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ideas for School Lunch

If you read my last blog post (click here), I pack my own school lunch. The lunches provided by my school have no taste whatsoever & I am a picky eater as well so the two combined don't mix. So to all of my fellow lunch packers I wanted to share some healthier ways to pack lunch because let's face it if we really wanted to we could pack a whole bunch of junk-food in our bags and not care, right?

Being healthy is always the goal that someone wants to achieve and here is a way you can approach this goal. An easy yet effective on like this(pictured above) is perfect! The veggie & dip is a great way to fill you up, you can pick and choose your favorite veggies and a dip with amazing flavor! Instead of a soda choose flavored or vitamin water. For a snack don't sacrifice your chips just choose a healthier version like these popped chips. 

So on a personal level I'm not really the "healthiest person" and feel like it's too ambitious to try the first option so for the past year I've substituted things in my diet to ease this process. For example when I make sandwhichs instead of using white bread I use honey wheat bread. I prefer honey instead of whole wheat because the honey adds a sweet taste as opposed to whole which has a very bland taste. As you may have gussed I have a sweet tooth and this may the biggest no-no when trying to become healthy but I have found a resolution. I discovered Nature Valley granola bars, their Sweet&Salt Dark chocolate, peanut and almond flavor tastes just like a snickers bar! This healthier snickers bar has less calories, a subtle salty contrast with the bitter dark chocolate & sweet sugary coating and added texture from the almonds. Lastly the most obvious substitution is water instead of a sugary juice.

I hope these two ideas made you look at eating lunch in a whole new way! 
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What's in my backpack?

With all these posts on my blog about school supplies & getting motivated, I thought why not share what I have in my backpack. With less than a week until school starts I have gotten all of my school supplies together and organized.

Entering my Junior year of high school I will be taking on a lot of college prep classes, a combination of  AP (advanced placement) and IB (international baccalaureate). This requires hours of homework & studying and rigorous classwork and assignments. Also if you are under any assumption that I must be a super genius or something, that is far from the truth. I just take on challenges that I know I can handle and have the right time management skills to do so. Acknowledging that I will have this amount of work I want my backpack to survive the whole school year instead of getting through the first few weeks.

So this year (since I'm a working girl now) I decided to invest in a good quality backpack. This year I purchased the "Big Student" Jansport backpack from Kohl's. The Jansport brand uses fairly thick material and heavy-duty zippers, in my opinion it is a great quality backpack. Compared to my $15 backpack from last year that ripped within the first month of school, this backpack is way better. Although the price may seem a bit much ($62) Kohl's does have sales ($44), when I purchased my bookbag I had a 15% off coupon (on top of the in-store sale price) with the final price of $40 with tax.

Now to start off with the bigger section of the bookbag, where he straps are, I keep all of the major school supplies (pictured below) here. I have two five subject notebooks that are really colorful. I also have my DIY notebook and matching binder, a monochromatic composition notebook with a pink folder (this is one thing I need more of) and finally the book that was assigned as a summer project for English class.

In the section in front of that is where I keep my lunch. I pack for two reasons 1. I don't like school lunch 2. I don't have a lunch period. So in this compartment I usually will keep my lunch bag and/or my lunch containers.
Next is this smaller section where I typically keep personal things. Like my school ID (not shown for safety reasons), Mini umbrella, Tissues, Hand sanitizer wipes and some lip products. I would also keep feminine products around "that time of the month".
This section is a bit bigger than the previous one and has various places to put pencils/pens and your phone. In here I have 4 highlighters in the built in pockets and a black pen. In the larger built in pocket I have some index cards and post-it notes, you never can be too prepared. Also I have my planner and pencil case (that I made) along with my ruler/hole punch.
Lastly is the very front pocket where I would have my keys, my school issued planner and my ID (I would mostly likely throughout the year have my ID in this pocket because of easy access as opposed to the other section in my backpack).
And that is what's in my backpack! I hope you got to learn a little more about me :)
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY School Supplies

So I have less than a week before I go back to school and thought I would share easy and cute DIY's!!!We all know last minute school shopping doesn't leave many visually appealing supplies so I thought if you are in this situation here is an easy life-hack. 

To make cute supplies you will have to:

1. Make sure the surface of the supplies are free of label or tags.
2. Take the wrapping paper and cut a piece that will fit the front and/or back of the supplies.
*Tip* For a notebook, punch out holes before hand so it looks clean and not messy.
3. Start covering the surface using the glue stick and putting the wrapping paper on the glued area.
*Tip* I like to go from left to right, it helps to smooth the paper as you lay it down to prevent air bubbles.
4. Option 1: Cut off excess paper and tape down the edges.
    Option 2: Using liquid glue, fold excess paper and glue to the inside of the surface.

And viola! You have new & cute school supplies.

Now what about something for pencils? I have simple DIY's that will be cute & colorful :)
What you'll need are some washi tapes and
post-it notes (preferably ones that are used to mark pages). 
~For wooden pencils take the washi tape and stick it to the pencil by its length
*Tips* To make sure the sides don't peel off add clear tape.
~For mechanical pencils take the top off, then roll a post-it by it's length and put it back in (depending on the size of your post-its & pencils you can fit about two post-it's inside).

 So something new and cute for your new pencils is a cute pencil case! Very similar and easy.
Before anything choose a fabric that is fun and colorful! Something that speaks to your style. Also gather some things that you'll need:
~fabric (obviously)
~ button/clasps 
1. After you've cut you fabric down to size fold your fabric by its width.
2. Sew on the dotted lines (picture above)
*Warning* DO NOT SEW on black dot on far left on picture 2
3. Option 1: Cut on pink line (pictured above) and sew a button on opposite side
    Option 2: Sew clasps on pink line (pictured above) and on opposite side

I also did another version of this with felt. I added clasps and added some pretty ribbon.

I hope this inspires all of of you this new school year!
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Goals for the new school year!!!

Every year I have the mediocre mindset of the average teenager, get through school, tests and drama. Well this year I really want to focus on my problem areas that I have & work on improving them!

~Time management  
I have been working on this since my freshman year of high school. Since I'm in college-prep classes the amount of homework assignments and projects are enormous. This past year I have mastered the art of using an agenda/planner. It has helped me to never over schedule myself. Still sticking to a plan in the planner is my problem. I usually procrastinate and end up stressing myself out (which is not the best). This year I want to stay true to what I plan for myself and have an even consistency with everything that I do.

~ Stressing Out
Remember how I said that I have college- prep classes and that I have a procrastination problem? Well.... This is the very root of all my stress & it really shouldn't be I should be on top of everything but with this I also am in multiple clubs so things do get crazy but this year I want to have a plan. When the going gets tough ask do for help! I usually don't like to ask (which is really dumb, I know now), but teachers are really understanding and willing to help when asked. So this is what I want to change this upcoming year.

~Drama Rama
So in highschool, at one point or another, we get caught up in nonsense drama. Usually a huge argument over a big misunderstanding. My distrust ion is not really drama, but more gossip. Gossip about a person or people, and just falsified information. I always have the feeling that every time I get involved in the gossip the next person they're talking about is me. So if rather not be associated at all & stay humble instead of partaking in this gossip game. I'm not saying that in perfect or anything, I will make mistakes but having this as a goal will help me to not make as many mistakes.

To keep up these goals I'm going to post them up on my wall. 
Live ~Laugh~Love 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to school!!!

It's the first of August and it's officially back-to-school time and most of us are planning what we're going to get for school. I have some tips you might want to check out to make your school shopping a bit easier and things that can help you stay organized throughout the year. Also click any of the pictures below for videos by Macbby11 aka Alisha Marie!

One of the top things to buy for school are notebooks, especially the ones with built in pockets and dividers. Notebooks help me keep notes from class together verses loose papers all over the place. Also they keep all my class handouts and homework assignments in place. Another essential thing to buy when going back to school is an Agenda or Planner. Without this I would be lost! Between schoolwork, clubs and church I'm always busy and need to stay on top of things. I usually like to use small post it notes to remind me of an important assignment/event.

Lets say while you were shopping you scored an awesome deal on notebooks but they really aren't that pretty or a binder that's really plain, what do you do? DIY the boring school supplies! Get some fun scrap book paper, cut it down to size and put it on the front of your binder and if you need some dividers make your own (click above). If you have a boring notebook take some cool insta pics and use modpodge to stick it to the front. I recommend one layer when you stick the picture on and then a thin layer on top to coat it. Make sure you get the type of modpodge that dries clear. And for some extra DIYing (I don't know if that's a thing, lol) for a plain agenda take cute washi tape and out line the pages!

Your backpack is an essential part of your daily life at school and you can never be too prepared for any situation that might happen. For everyday touch ups it would be great to have a makeup bag to have personal essentials in like; deodorant, Chapstick, body spray and a pack of gum(or many packs). Also to keep all your writing tools handy a cute pencil case! Another thing to have in your backpack is a snack like a granola bar or some chips for when you're hungry, even though you just had lunch! Ha ha but a girls gotta eat, right?

So I hope you enjoyed all my tips. Don't forget to check out all the videos & Alisha's Twitter~Instagram~YouTube and comment @sobylove sent me :)

Live ~Laugh~Love