Back to school!!!

It's the first of August and it's officially back-to-school time and most of us are planning what we're going to get for school. I have some tips you might want to check out to make your school shopping a bit easier and things that can help you stay organized throughout the year. Also click any of the pictures below for videos by Macbby11 aka Alisha Marie!

One of the top things to buy for school are notebooks, especially the ones with built in pockets and dividers. Notebooks help me keep notes from class together verses loose papers all over the place. Also they keep all my class handouts and homework assignments in place. Another essential thing to buy when going back to school is an Agenda or Planner. Without this I would be lost! Between schoolwork, clubs and church I'm always busy and need to stay on top of things. I usually like to use small post it notes to remind me of an important assignment/event.

Lets say while you were shopping you scored an awesome deal on notebooks but they really aren't that pretty or a binder that's really plain, what do you do? DIY the boring school supplies! Get some fun scrap book paper, cut it down to size and put it on the front of your binder and if you need some dividers make your own (click above). If you have a boring notebook take some cool insta pics and use modpodge to stick it to the front. I recommend one layer when you stick the picture on and then a thin layer on top to coat it. Make sure you get the type of modpodge that dries clear. And for some extra DIYing (I don't know if that's a thing, lol) for a plain agenda take cute washi tape and out line the pages!

Your backpack is an essential part of your daily life at school and you can never be too prepared for any situation that might happen. For everyday touch ups it would be great to have a makeup bag to have personal essentials in like; deodorant, Chapstick, body spray and a pack of gum(or many packs). Also to keep all your writing tools handy a cute pencil case! Another thing to have in your backpack is a snack like a granola bar or some chips for when you're hungry, even though you just had lunch! Ha ha but a girls gotta eat, right?

So I hope you enjoyed all my tips. Don't forget to check out all the videos & Alisha's Twitter~Instagram~YouTube and comment @sobylove sent me :)

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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