Monday, October 19, 2015

6 Things to do During the Fall

It's officially fall! The temperature is dropping and the leaves are falling. During this time of year I tend to stay inside and avoid going outside. I forget that just because the temperature drops doesn't mean that you have to stay inside. So here is a list of thing to do during the fall....

Jump In!
Instead of raking leaves into trash bags put them into large piles and jump in! If you really aren't into raking leaves use the trash bags for "sacks" and have races between you and a sibling.

Nature's Beauty
Personally fall time seems like the perfect weather for a hike. Take a trip and visit a state park near you! Also exploring local park trails can be just as fun, invite a few friends and see what you discover.

Fall is the season for pumpkin picking. Search around your local area for pumpkin patches. Look around try to pick out the perfect pumpkin. Afterwards you could have a carving party wit your family and see who has the best pumpkin.

So Corny
Feeling adventurous? Check local listings to see if there is a corn maze near you. Get a group of friends together and try to fin your way out.

Netflix & Chill?
Not ready to brave the cold? Try building a fort! Grab a bunch of blankets and pillows and build your own unique space. Have some popcorn and hot chocolate ready for a relaxed night with snacks and Netflix.

Fall Nights
If you decide to go outside, have friends and family gather around a fire with some sticks and all the things you'll need for s'mores. A perfect fall night to gaze at the stars with a sweet treat and great company.

Hope you consider these ideas as you continue through the fall season. 
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Live ~Laugh~Love 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Part Five: Pursuit of Scholarships

Hello Readers! It is that time again where I update you on college and how the overall process is going. So far I have submitted 3 applications to universities and colleges. All of the ones i have submitted so far are in-state, I am planning on applying to few more in and out of state just to have a variety of viable options.

As I have come to narrow down the list of colleges and universities I want to apply to, all things considered, it is not by any means an easy decision. There are thousands of universities within the United States. An overwhelming thing to think about when you are thinking  about continuing your education beyond high school and trying to find your perfect fit.

Now I would like to ask for your help. I have found a scholarship that is willing to award $10,000 scholarship to a high school senior with a well written essay. Unfortunately there is a catch, each applicant must get a significant amount of recommendations to be one of the 500 people who's essays are chosen to be read. After the 500 are picked the winner will be chosen! All you would have to do is click the link here and fill out your name and email (make sure to confirm email or else it doesn't count!). All recommendations are appreciated!

I strongly believe I deserve to win this scholarship, not because of great financial need or extra money. I deserve to win this scholarship because it would validate my work as a writer. I aspire to be a journalist, someone who writes for a living. What better way to know that you posses the skills in your profession than to be awarded with a scholarship that not only contributes to the pursuit of my career but also validates my work.

This scholarship would also help to confirm that all the hard work that I have been doing over the past 12 years has not been in vain. Persevering and working hard all throughout high school, middle school and elementary school has made me a better worker. it has built up my work ethic and time management skills. This scholarship would aid me during college in fulfill my dream to become a journalist.

Thanks for reading & special thanks to those who decide to recommend me!

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Live ~Laugh~Love 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Quality time with a friend....

So today I had the amazing pleasure of hanging out with one of my good friends Elena. We originally planned to meet up after school and visit a local coffee shop but the weather had changed our plans...

So at the start of this wonderful fall season we have been experiencing some rainy weather on the east coast. So walking to the coffee shop was out of the question when we discovered that there was a "severe thunderstorm" warning. I must admit there was some lightning and heavy rain but it didn't last long but during this time we spent it like anyone would. We ate burnt popcorn and sang Christmas songs...did I mention that it's October?

So this being the first time I was at my friends house, I didn't know what to expect which made my reaction more genuine (if that makes sense). She lives in a quaint neighborhood with small houses that have front lawns with fall themed decorations and trees that line either side of the street. The inside of her house looked like a picture you see on Pinterest. In the living/dining room there were accent dec√≥r pieces that represented fall and small wooden boxes with positive affirmations on them that were displayed all throughout the house. And being the normal friend that I am, I started snapping pictures of the rooms in her house. She was totally okay with it. But my favorite room by far was the kitchen! 

I honestly enjoyed the chill afternoon we spent together. Being in a relaxed environment with a friend is the best medicine for a bad day/week. Recently we have both been stressing about school and relaxing and enjoying each other's company is just what we needed. I recommend this to anyone with a friend and a few hours to spare. Life is short, fill every moment with happiness.

Live ~Laugh~Love