Quality time with a friend....

So today I had the amazing pleasure of hanging out with one of my good friends Elena. We originally planned to meet up after school and visit a local coffee shop but the weather had changed our plans...

So at the start of this wonderful fall season we have been experiencing some rainy weather on the east coast. So walking to the coffee shop was out of the question when we discovered that there was a "severe thunderstorm" warning. I must admit there was some lightning and heavy rain but it didn't last long but during this time we spent it like anyone would. We ate burnt popcorn and sang Christmas songs...did I mention that it's October?

So this being the first time I was at my friends house, I didn't know what to expect which made my reaction more genuine (if that makes sense). She lives in a quaint neighborhood with small houses that have front lawns with fall themed decorations and trees that line either side of the street. The inside of her house looked like a picture you see on Pinterest. In the living/dining room there were accent dec√≥r pieces that represented fall and small wooden boxes with positive affirmations on them that were displayed all throughout the house. And being the normal friend that I am, I started snapping pictures of the rooms in her house. She was totally okay with it. But my favorite room by far was the kitchen! 

I honestly enjoyed the chill afternoon we spent together. Being in a relaxed environment with a friend is the best medicine for a bad day/week. Recently we have both been stressing about school and relaxing and enjoying each other's company is just what we needed. I recommend this to anyone with a friend and a few hours to spare. Life is short, fill every moment with happiness.

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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