6 Things to do During the Fall

It's officially fall! The temperature is dropping and the leaves are falling. During this time of year I tend to stay inside and avoid going outside. I forget that just because the temperature drops doesn't mean that you have to stay inside. So here is a list of thing to do during the fall....

Jump In!
Instead of raking leaves into trash bags put them into large piles and jump in! If you really aren't into raking leaves use the trash bags for "sacks" and have races between you and a sibling.

Nature's Beauty
Personally fall time seems like the perfect weather for a hike. Take a trip and visit a state park near you! Also exploring local park trails can be just as fun, invite a few friends and see what you discover.

Fall is the season for pumpkin picking. Search around your local area for pumpkin patches. Look around try to pick out the perfect pumpkin. Afterwards you could have a carving party wit your family and see who has the best pumpkin.

So Corny
Feeling adventurous? Check local listings to see if there is a corn maze near you. Get a group of friends together and try to fin your way out.

Netflix & Chill?
Not ready to brave the cold? Try building a fort! Grab a bunch of blankets and pillows and build your own unique space. Have some popcorn and hot chocolate ready for a relaxed night with snacks and Netflix.

Fall Nights
If you decide to go outside, have friends and family gather around a fire with some sticks and all the things you'll need for s'mores. A perfect fall night to gaze at the stars with a sweet treat and great company.

Hope you consider these ideas as you continue through the fall season. 
If you enjoyed these pictures check my Fall Pinterest Board.

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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