What's in my backpack?

With all these posts on my blog about school supplies & getting motivated, I thought why not share what I have in my backpack. With less than a week until school starts I have gotten all of my school supplies together and organized.

Entering my Junior year of high school I will be taking on a lot of college prep classes, a combination of  AP (advanced placement) and IB (international baccalaureate). This requires hours of homework & studying and rigorous classwork and assignments. Also if you are under any assumption that I must be a super genius or something, that is far from the truth. I just take on challenges that I know I can handle and have the right time management skills to do so. Acknowledging that I will have this amount of work I want my backpack to survive the whole school year instead of getting through the first few weeks.

So this year (since I'm a working girl now) I decided to invest in a good quality backpack. This year I purchased the "Big Student" Jansport backpack from Kohl's. The Jansport brand uses fairly thick material and heavy-duty zippers, in my opinion it is a great quality backpack. Compared to my $15 backpack from last year that ripped within the first month of school, this backpack is way better. Although the price may seem a bit much ($62) Kohl's does have sales ($44), when I purchased my bookbag I had a 15% off coupon (on top of the in-store sale price) with the final price of $40 with tax.

Now to start off with the bigger section of the bookbag, where he straps are, I keep all of the major school supplies (pictured below) here. I have two five subject notebooks that are really colorful. I also have my DIY notebook and matching binder, a monochromatic composition notebook with a pink folder (this is one thing I need more of) and finally the book that was assigned as a summer project for English class.

In the section in front of that is where I keep my lunch. I pack for two reasons 1. I don't like school lunch 2. I don't have a lunch period. So in this compartment I usually will keep my lunch bag and/or my lunch containers.
Next is this smaller section where I typically keep personal things. Like my school ID (not shown for safety reasons), Mini umbrella, Tissues, Hand sanitizer wipes and some lip products. I would also keep feminine products around "that time of the month".
This section is a bit bigger than the previous one and has various places to put pencils/pens and your phone. In here I have 4 highlighters in the built in pockets and a black pen. In the larger built in pocket I have some index cards and post-it notes, you never can be too prepared. Also I have my planner and pencil case (that I made) along with my ruler/hole punch.
Lastly is the very front pocket where I would have my keys, my school issued planner and my ID (I would mostly likely throughout the year have my ID in this pocket because of easy access as opposed to the other section in my backpack).
And that is what's in my backpack! I hope you got to learn a little more about me :)
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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