Freshman Advice

Anyone starting high school may be nervous, and you have the right to be! You are about to enter a whole different environment. High school has different teachers and different students with the added uncertainty of not being familiar with anything. Now my tips may vary depending on your school and where you live.


~So for your freshman year is the most important academic year of your life. This year will determine your GPA for the rest of your high school career. If your wondering what a GPA is, it's your grade-point-average, the higher your GPA the better off you are so don't slack off!
~One thing that really helped me freshman year was to make a locker schedule to switch out supplies and lighten my backpack.
~Try exploring all possible ways of going to class, don't be accustomed to only one way & if you're not sure ask around.
~ Don't get stuck in hallway traffic! In my school its always a good idea to avoid the hallways that are near the lunchroom.
~Always have a pencil, golden rule!
~Depending on your school, homeroom is filled with the same people for all four years so getting used to the people in homeroom is best :)

Something's that I've learned from being in high school is that it was pretty easy to make friends. I came from a different middle school than most of my classmates, it was pretty much a fresh start for me but all of us were nervous on the first day so you'll find someone in your same situation. Plus high school has a wonderful social outlet called clubs, this is the easiest and most effective way to make new friends. Freshman year I joined a few clubs and got to know a lot more people. Something else I discovered about high school is that it's okay to ask questions. This may seem like a no-brainer but I was intimidated by everyone around me and thought I was dumb if I asked a question. This is the contrary to what I thought, many teachers are prepared and willing to help you. Lastly I've learned time management skills! My skills have been perfected year after, I know how to balance homework, clubs, concerts (I'm in two choirs in school) and church.
 High school is what you make it and slacking off won't help you, being the best student you can be is the best road to success.
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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