Ideas for School Lunch

If you read my last blog post (click here), I pack my own school lunch. The lunches provided by my school have no taste whatsoever & I am a picky eater as well so the two combined don't mix. So to all of my fellow lunch packers I wanted to share some healthier ways to pack lunch because let's face it if we really wanted to we could pack a whole bunch of junk-food in our bags and not care, right?

Being healthy is always the goal that someone wants to achieve and here is a way you can approach this goal. An easy yet effective on like this(pictured above) is perfect! The veggie & dip is a great way to fill you up, you can pick and choose your favorite veggies and a dip with amazing flavor! Instead of a soda choose flavored or vitamin water. For a snack don't sacrifice your chips just choose a healthier version like these popped chips. 

So on a personal level I'm not really the "healthiest person" and feel like it's too ambitious to try the first option so for the past year I've substituted things in my diet to ease this process. For example when I make sandwhichs instead of using white bread I use honey wheat bread. I prefer honey instead of whole wheat because the honey adds a sweet taste as opposed to whole which has a very bland taste. As you may have gussed I have a sweet tooth and this may the biggest no-no when trying to become healthy but I have found a resolution. I discovered Nature Valley granola bars, their Sweet&Salt Dark chocolate, peanut and almond flavor tastes just like a snickers bar! This healthier snickers bar has less calories, a subtle salty contrast with the bitter dark chocolate & sweet sugary coating and added texture from the almonds. Lastly the most obvious substitution is water instead of a sugary juice.

I hope these two ideas made you look at eating lunch in a whole new way! 
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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