Goals for the new school year!!!

Every year I have the mediocre mindset of the average teenager, get through school, tests and drama. Well this year I really want to focus on my problem areas that I have & work on improving them!

~Time management  
I have been working on this since my freshman year of high school. Since I'm in college-prep classes the amount of homework assignments and projects are enormous. This past year I have mastered the art of using an agenda/planner. It has helped me to never over schedule myself. Still sticking to a plan in the planner is my problem. I usually procrastinate and end up stressing myself out (which is not the best). This year I want to stay true to what I plan for myself and have an even consistency with everything that I do.

~ Stressing Out
Remember how I said that I have college- prep classes and that I have a procrastination problem? Well.... This is the very root of all my stress & it really shouldn't be I should be on top of everything but with this I also am in multiple clubs so things do get crazy but this year I want to have a plan. When the going gets tough ask do for help! I usually don't like to ask (which is really dumb, I know now), but teachers are really understanding and willing to help when asked. So this is what I want to change this upcoming year.

~Drama Rama
So in highschool, at one point or another, we get caught up in nonsense drama. Usually a huge argument over a big misunderstanding. My distrust ion is not really drama, but more gossip. Gossip about a person or people, and just falsified information. I always have the feeling that every time I get involved in the gossip the next person they're talking about is me. So if rather not be associated at all & stay humble instead of partaking in this gossip game. I'm not saying that in perfect or anything, I will make mistakes but having this as a goal will help me to not make as many mistakes.

To keep up these goals I'm going to post them up on my wall. 
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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