DIY School Supplies

So I have less than a week before I go back to school and thought I would share easy and cute DIY's!!!We all know last minute school shopping doesn't leave many visually appealing supplies so I thought if you are in this situation here is an easy life-hack. 

To make cute supplies you will have to:

1. Make sure the surface of the supplies are free of label or tags.
2. Take the wrapping paper and cut a piece that will fit the front and/or back of the supplies.
*Tip* For a notebook, punch out holes before hand so it looks clean and not messy.
3. Start covering the surface using the glue stick and putting the wrapping paper on the glued area.
*Tip* I like to go from left to right, it helps to smooth the paper as you lay it down to prevent air bubbles.
4. Option 1: Cut off excess paper and tape down the edges.
    Option 2: Using liquid glue, fold excess paper and glue to the inside of the surface.

And viola! You have new & cute school supplies.

Now what about something for pencils? I have simple DIY's that will be cute & colorful :)
What you'll need are some washi tapes and
post-it notes (preferably ones that are used to mark pages). 
~For wooden pencils take the washi tape and stick it to the pencil by its length
*Tips* To make sure the sides don't peel off add clear tape.
~For mechanical pencils take the top off, then roll a post-it by it's length and put it back in (depending on the size of your post-its & pencils you can fit about two post-it's inside).

 So something new and cute for your new pencils is a cute pencil case! Very similar and easy.
Before anything choose a fabric that is fun and colorful! Something that speaks to your style. Also gather some things that you'll need:
~fabric (obviously)
~ button/clasps 
1. After you've cut you fabric down to size fold your fabric by its width.
2. Sew on the dotted lines (picture above)
*Warning* DO NOT SEW on black dot on far left on picture 2
3. Option 1: Cut on pink line (pictured above) and sew a button on opposite side
    Option 2: Sew clasps on pink line (pictured above) and on opposite side

I also did another version of this with felt. I added clasps and added some pretty ribbon.

I hope this inspires all of of you this new school year!
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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