Every year, in some shape or form, I participate in secret Santa. If you are not familiar with this, secret Santa is an activity that takes place during the Christmas season where a group of people exchange names at random and pick out gifts for each other. Usually the people who participate in this activity are people who you know, like family or friends. This year I am participating in a Secret Santa but I'm not entirely sure who all is included in it. One of my friends has organized it and has generously included anyone who was willing to participate. We are planning to have a party at her house later this week. I'm a little anxious to know who all is involved but that is also the fun of secret Santa, not knowing who has who and who has you. Luckily I picked a name of someone i know pretty well so I am confident I picked out a good gift for them. Also with this secret Santa we were required to write three things we would like to relieve and there was a $20 limit so no one was out shined.

Hope that all your Christmas Traditions continue!

Hope you enjoyed my blurb of Secret Santa!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 10 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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