So long time no blog, its been crazy with classes, homework and college applications but since this is one of my FAVORITE time of the year i just couldn't pass up missing out on doing #blogmas this year!

So this week is currently the last week of the semester for my English course that I'm taking and i am both excited and relieved. it's been an interesting journey thus far but I am ready to move forward and have some stress-free weeks for the rest of December.

This week is DIY week, I will post simple, quick and easy DIYs for you to complete.


Things you will need:
-Clothes Pins
*optional* Lights

*not my photo*

1. Figure out your desired length of twine, once you've figured out the perfect length cut multiple pieces.

2. Choose an empty space on a wall and hang the twine by hooks or nails.

3. Hang Christmas cards, quotes or pictures on it and attach with clothes pins to the twine.
If you need inspiration or pictures to hang check out my Pinterest board!

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 24 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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