There is a week and a few days until Christmas is here and I still have so many gifts to buy and not enough time or money. As a teen that works so few days during the year, I barely have enough saved up for anything. I spent most of my money on my sister and on food when I eat out. Not having enough money to gift to my friends hurts me so much! I love all of my friends and wish I could get them all presents but the reality is that i can't and it honestly breaks my heart. I feel that i put so much stress on myself, especially during the holidays, to please everyone and to make everyone happy. I honestly wish that i didn't have such a generous heart because then i wouldn't be as stressed but genuinely want to make people happy.

But honestly the holidays are meant to be spent with your family and friends and enjoying their company. I feel like we tend to get so wrapped up in gift giving that we loose sight in the true meaning of the holiday. Do you guys agree?

Hope you enjoyed my rant about gift giving!
Merry almost-Christmas!!! 9 more days....
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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