Hairstyles For School

By now we should be in our routine of school and this consists of getting up early in the morning and try to control our crazy hair. I have come up with some easy tips and hair styles that may help you with getting ready and making it a bit easier.
Something very simple that works with any hairstyle is a side braid. Now this isn't the actual hairstyle this is a hairstyle that can help you achieve wavy/crimped hair. I usually put my hair in a braid before I got to sleep at night. I recommend making a very tight braid to help your hair create a wavy effect.
After waking up I usually take out the braid and my hair is wavy, but I do have naturally curly hair so my hair usually doesn't need any products to help maintain the waviness.

 But if you have naturally straight hair before taking out the braid I would use a flat iron over the braid and then take it out. Using the flat iron over will have an added effect on your hair to ensure its waviness.
One hairstyle that I think works on most hair types is the braided bun (if you have thick hair you may have to modify the style as a half up-half down, just follow all the steps but just half f your head). This should take less than five minutes depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

I'm no claiming this is easy but if you have extra time in the morning you might want to try out this very unique hairstyle. If you want to earn how to do this hairstyle click above or here.

I hope this was helpful and eases your hair routine in the morning.
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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