On A Mission

I don’t think I’ve fully explained why I started this blog. I love to write and I love fashion with my two passions combined I found the perfect career for me, to be a fashion journalist! This career has all the elements that I live for. I even remember how I got started on this journey….

Now when I was little people always asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said things like a doctor or a teacher, but I was just saying things that I’ve heard I didn’t exactly find my niche. When I was I had a little (okay HUGE) obsession with Bratz dolls & movies. The re-occurring theme of “a passion for fashion” inspired me! I just couldn’t stop thinking of all the possibilities that came out of fashion. One time in 3rd grade I remember I was bored in class and started drawing out fits on paper, I cut them out and gave them to my friends as a mock of my fashion line. Later other kids told me they wanted some to and I cut some more out and “sold” my line after school. This immediately sparked my interest and then I had a true answer to the question & my passion for fashion grew. I remember when my birthdays came around I would always ask for fashion related things like; sketchbooks, art supplies, sewing machine, sewing tools, anything I could get my hands on.
But on the other side of things, ever since I was little I’ve always liked to write. Since I learned to write I’ve written things in notebooks and have collected those notebooks to this day, kind of like Harriet The Spy writing everything she’s ever observed into notebooks. First it started at home learning how to write my name then as I went to school my passion for writing progressed. I wrote in journals just talking about my everyday life. In other notebooks I wrote stories and poems. At one point in 5th grade I co-wrote book with my friend (sadly we cannot recover itL) but this love for putting my own words down on paper makes me feel like I have a voice and since I have a strong passion for writing one day I would like to publish a book about my story.
As you can see my passions for fashion and writing are equally strong and becoming a fashion journalist would help me to live both of passions. With this career path in mind I decided to start this blog so I could get familiar with writing my own content and publishing it for other eyes to read besides my own.
I hope this blog was insightful and you got learn more about me
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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