Words From the Heart

I want to talk about what I believe in. I am a Christian, I believe that our religion is about having a personal relationship with Christ. Talking about this is not to slander other people’s beliefs or religions, I just want to express my own opinion.

 I feel that being a Christian means our goal is to live like he was, perfect. Now we are obviously human and cannot achieve perfection, our free will allows us to mess up and learn from our mistakes. But the mere goal of trying to achieve perfection and to be like Christ is why I love being a Christian. Not to say I’m better than any other person but to be able to have a goal in life and try as hard as humanly possible to achieve that. Like I said before we are all human and will make mistakes so I often refer to bible verses or quotes to have daily reminders of this goal.
Here are a few of my favorites…..

To explain the picture above, I believe sometimes wanting something isn’t enough, believing in it and having faith can determine the outcome.

A cool idea to keep yourself in a positive attitude would be to print these pictures out and put them on a cork board or in a frame or on the wall
A quick disclaimer is that I DO NOT own any of these photos. These are just some of my favorite ones that I have. You can check out these photos and more on my Quotes Pinterest board here.
I hope you all enjoyed these little snippets of verses that I believe have a positive outlook about life.
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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