Happy Fouth Fun

Today is the celebration of the Independence of the United States. Many of us spend this time with family and friends. This morning I got dressed and went to my Aunt's house for a cookout, due to the wind we ate inside, none-the-less it was amazing to be surrounded by family and food. We ate pork chops from the grill and Italian bread. We also got themed doughnuts, they looked like hotdogs and hamburgers, from out grocery store. Then sadly I had to go to work at the grocery store where we got the doughnuts from. Working at the grocery store isn't all bad though, most customers are friendly.
So after my shift I came home to my Christmas-crazed mother watching Christmas movies on the hallmark channel. Christmas in July is actually a thing and they're giving movies until the 13th. So once we're finished with the Christmas movies and its dark outside we'll watch the fireworks outside on the front porch. I think this fourth of July will be the most memorable for me. Although you may be thinking "What's so memorable?", from my perspective this is the first summer that I have an official job and last year we went on vacation fourth of July weekend so we didn't get to spend it with family & tonight might be the first time I actually see the fireworks on Fourth of July (I usually fall asleep before they are launched or I see them on the fifth).  

So to everyone reading Happy Fourth of July!!! 
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Live ~Laugh~Love 

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