Part Three: Scolarships

This College Journey is going great so far! I've found that it's not cheap and finding a scholarship is harder than you think. you would expect they would tell you these things in school, the one place you learn but they don't you find out for yourself! Hopefully I can shed some light on some gray areas of the college process.

To re-establish for any new readers I am in my junior year of high school. College is now starting to become a real thing for me. So as the plan-ahead type of girl that I am I have set out on my college journey! I don't think many people my age plan ahead as much as I do but I can't think of living my life any other way.

So knowing that college is a mere year and some months away I started looking online for scholarships, I still have some digging to do but here are some sites that I found that could be useful to you:

Most of these scholarships are geared to high school students but I simply gooled "scholarships for juniors" or "scholarships for high school students". And upon this active scholarship searching I stumbled upon one of the best websites. is an awesome website if you are staring the college process its a great tool to use. This website alone helps you:
~ Find scholarships
~ Find colleges that match you and your major
~ Comapare colleges side by side

This website has helped me connect with colleges easily. With this website they calculate (based on your profile that you make) how well you would fit into a certain college. Obviously it is about personal preference and it may not always be accurate but the more precise your account is filled out the more accuracy of college matching. Cappex also has a list of scholarships to apply for and a rate on how much competition is expected for each of them along with a link to the specific scholarship.

As you can tell I love this website but if you would like other helpful links I encourage you to check out:
~ College Board
~ Common App

Hope you enjoyed this and I didn't miss anything. Let me know if this was helpful to you in anyway.
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