Part One: Homework

Here is another short but sweet Road to College post...

So, lately I have found that after being in school for a month I already have gotten a steady routine and a substantial amount of homework. BUT being a college-prep student takes it's toll on you. The homework I receive is any where from 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This is only when I have a few assignments from my classes, if I have homework from all of my classes I can receive 3 to 5 hours of homework. So writing this blog may be challenging at times but its something fun I get to do when I'm not drowning in homework.

Now something most people may or may not know about the general population of IB students is that sometimes we don't get all our homework in on time or we simply wait until the last minute to do something. Procrastination is what kills the work ethic of many IB students, at least where I live. Many of us have the mentality of thinking that we will "have time to study for the IB quiz later" or thinking that we can "write the 750 word essay tomorrow" but this is the worst way to think about things! Especially since us IB kids know there will be more homework the next day. Many people expect us to be the most efficient workers but I see people everyday copying someone's homework or studying a period before the test.

Some may think this is horrible but we see it as a way to survive. Now I am trying to become a good student and refine my work skills but breaking free from a vicious cycle like this is harder than you may think. I truly believe if you are doing what you need to be doing you shouldn't have to take the short cuts because everything should fall into place.

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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