Part Two: College Admission Tests

So a couple months ago I had the privilege of taking the PSAT. This is a wonderful test that the State gives to students in their Junior year to see how they would test on the real thing. The SAT or the Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized college test used widely for college admissions in the United States. These tests are usually taken at the end of your Junior year or the beginning/end of your Senior year. This test has three parts Reading, Writing and Math, each of these sections can be anywhere from 200 to 800 points for a possible total score of 2400. If you are curious or want more information about this test click here. The PSAT or Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test is a less intense version of the real deal but nonetheless scored similarly with the same amount of questions.

This test took three hours (I missed three periods out of my eight period schedule, I don't have a lunch so I have eight classes) and it had Math and Reading sections. In my opinion the this test was challenging but not extremely difficult. I am pretty confident that I scored well on the Reading and Writing comprehension skills but Math on the other hand (which is not my forte) it's usually a hit or miss, sometimes I excel and other times I don't. The content on the test were things that we have learned over the past year but there were some questions about things we have yet to learn.

PSAT Score: 1330

PACT Score: 17

These scores are pretty average but I tried my best. Over these next couple of months I will be studying and preparing to take the REAL test in May. I am not the best person to study with. Honestly I get distracted so quickly and want to do something I actually enjoy. But I know with these test I need to have a different mind set and get working. I've been thinking about setting a day to study for the test. Saturday Mornings consist of sleeping in but over these next few months I'm going too start utilizing that time to study.

Now the actual studying part is going to be a little challenging but I have the help of some great websites to help me, and because I enjoy helping people out here they are just in case you were interested;
~ College Board
~ Number2

As I know I will enjoy studying for these tests (not really) I hope you have a wonderful day.
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