Words Of Wisdom

Happy Sunday Everyone! As some may know I am a person that goes to church and I enjoy it. I love the fellowship that I can with a large group of people about the same thing; our love for the Lord. I am aware that not everyone goes to church or is a believer but that doesn't stop me from talking about it. Back when I was struggling with confidence (as told in my last post) I sometimes would read the bible and look for answers. This one verse caught my eye and made me smile, people can bring us down all they want but I know there is one person who knows me inside and out. Although many say that the bible can't apply to our lives in modern times I think this verse proves wrong. We've all been in that place where we feel like everyone's judging us but it doesn't matter what people think, and if you find it hard to think that remember that the Lord loves you just the way you are. Well I hope everyone continues to have a great day!

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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