Building, Maintaining & Keeping Confidence

So today I received my monthly subscription of Seventeen Magazine. The subscription service allows you to get the latest issue of the magazine a month beforehand, this is the back-to-school issue for the month of August. Also in this issue the magazine has a guest editor Demi Lovato and she wrote the most amazing article on her ways she's learned how to be confident over these past few years. After reading this article I felt very inspired by her and glad that she was willing to share her story with us.

This past year I learned a lot of things about myself and about the people who I've come to surround myself with. I finally understood that I didn't need their opinions to make me happy. I needed to accept myself to be happy. When reading Demi's article I really empathized with her on a lot of things and I'm so proud to know she realized these things too.

I'm still a teen in high school and you can imagine the environment I'm still in, the constant competition and struggle for attention by anyone and everyone who will give it to you. But this past year it clicked in my brain that I don't need to impress anyone so their opinion about me changes, I don't need to care about what they're thinking to be happy. I just need to be proud of me and not change myself unless the outcome will have positive products. Since I've come to realize this my total persona has changed in the way I carry myself as a person. I hold my head high and surround myself by positive people and I don't let people toy with my emotions. Other things I've done to help me with my confidence is to look at all the good things in my life, to appreciate the little things. A good thing that helps me is reminding myself of my achievements and all the things I've gotten to do in my life.

My friend sent me this pin on Pinterest after I declared my sudden discovery. I was glad my friends were supportive of my new discovery. Some may be thinking of how my friends couldn't have told me this or even my parents, but another thing I've learned is no matter how  many times you tell a person what's right they're not going to listen until they decide they want to. So to all my friends out there who may be struggling with confidence my three things to take away are;
1. Surround yourself with positive people (and listen to them!)
2. Always talk about your problems, never keep them to yourself
3. Always look on the positive side, it may not be easy but there always is a positive side if you just find it.

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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