Getting Organized!

So a new school year and season is coming & you know what that means...
Back to shopping and preparing yourself mentally for what is to come.
An easy way to get organized is to go into your local stores and search the office supply section for things like this cool magnetic board (above). I received this a gift from my mom, she bought it from Dollar General. This is perfect to put on the refrigerator, I can attach papers on it and remind myself of things I nee to get done.

One of my FAVORITE office supply things are post-it notes! They are very versatile and come in all shapes and sizes.These work for any and everything I possibly might need! I use them to label folders, binders, etc.

The Post-it brand, to be specific, has a lot of "accessories" for office supplies. For example this cute post-it dispenser that I purchased from staples! I love using this when I need to jot down something quick.

Lastly the iconic whiteboard calendar. I love this square dry-erase white board that I purchased at Kmart. I customized it to make it personal by adding colorful
magnets. Every month I love writing in what I'm going to be doing & seeing when I'm free to hang out with friends.

I hope this was helpful!

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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