Glasses: Fashion Statement or Accessory?

Since the trend of “Nerd” glasses came to be, many of us have gotten to wear them whenever we feel it’s appropriate with an outfit. Then there are some of us who have to wear them for everyday use (without them we couldn’t see). For me I need to wear glasses on an everyday basis. So when shopping for glasses I choose wisely since I have to wear them everyday with every outfit. So when you’re choosing glasses for recreational purposes or everyday use keep these things in mind.

Glasses are something that should compliment your face, so pick frames that go with you face shape! My glasses (picture above) are the right width for my face, I have a small round face so these are perfect. For specific details on how to find the right glasses for your face shape click the picture below!

If you’re picking frames for everyday use remember to be cautious of the ones you choose. The glasses that I wear are a black frame with a sea green pop on the sides. I love them because I can wear them with any outfit but it’s not plain or boring and in the light the sea green color shines through and reflects on the lenses (if you look closely above you can see it on the glare of the glasses). There are a variety of frames in many colors, if you chose a pair with a very vibrant color be sure of your decision because if you grow tired of them it does take a while to get new prescription frames (1-2 weeks). I recommend going for a neutral color with a simple design.

When choosing any pair of glasses make sure they fit your face. Some glasses may have a tight fit on the ides of your head or drop from the bridge of your nose. An example of this (when buying prescription glasses) there are adult, junior and children sections, just like when you buy clothes. Since I have a small shape I wouldn’t necessarily go to the adult section because the glasses tend to be much wider. Also some glasses may have long temples that may cause the ear piece to stick out too far from behind your ear (many shops can fix this no problem).

Although glasses may seem like a simple thing but they can make or break you (literally) ha ha! Next time that you choose glasses prescription or not keep these things in mind.

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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