Being Yourself

So the social trials of being a teenager can sometimes be.... overrated.

The constant need to compare yourself to others can sometimes be a chore. I have been recently been contemplating this and I have just decided to stop. It's so ridiculous that we feel the need to act like someone else! One of my favorite quotes it that "Just be yourself because everyone else is taken". This pretty much is my mantra for life, being yourself is the best person you can be. I've also learned its better to emotionally invest yourself into people who will care as much as you do. Someone who doesn't like you for whatever reason isn't worth your time.
So aside from the negative things that come from this, there are also positive things. I have found by being myself I have been able to surround myself by wonderful people and make wonderful friends. Just by being myself I have developed so many friendships & strengthened old ones.
Be Yourself
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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