Facing Fears

Hello friends of the internet, many of us have been spending this last week with family and loving friends. As it was Christmas this past Thursday.

For Christmas I received the book Girl Online, a novel that was written by a British Youtuber Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. I enjoyed the book, I am an avid book reader and in my humble opinion the book was well written.

I love the book for many reasons. One: I relate to the main character so well. She is a teenager in 11th grade (or in Year Eleven as the Brits say) and she has many embarrassing moments. Many of us think that we are the only ones that are super clumsy and make of fool out of ourselves but we're not. We all go through the same stuff, its a matter of letting it take us down or not. Two: She has a blog! I'm not to sure how many teens are out there blogging about life to random people on the internet but I don't imagine a huge amount (and if it is I will be highly impressed).

So the part of the book that I liked, especially was the part about facing fears. The main character, Penny, she has panic attacks. Not to give the story away but these panic attacks are not easy to deal with and they prevent her from doing certain things. Throughout the book she has many small victories after facing a fear-when she thinks she might have a panic attack.

One fear of mine is not being able to achieve my dream as a successful writer. I say writer because, journalism is a career option, not really my career goal. I have a strong passion for fashion design. I love the idea of designing something that I would wear and that I other people would wear. Something with my name on it. Picking out colors, fabrics, styles and combining all these things into a fashion line would be a dream come true but for now I blog about my life.

Although I say journalism is a career option, this doesn't necessarily mean I don't enjoy it. I've always loved writing since I was a little girl. I have piles and piles of notebooks from when I was little. Every since I found out how to write, I wrote poems, stories and anything I could think of into journals or an kind of notebook I found. To this day I continue to 'collect' them.

For this upcoming New Year I will have to seriously start thinking about colleges and deciding which ones to apply to. This is going to be stressful but one of my resolutions will be to stay true to myself.

Chasing my dream is not going to be easy and I'm pretty scared of what is to come but I won't know until I try, so facing my fear is better than letting doubt consume me and backing out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, a bit serious after the cheery holiday but it was on my mind. Do any of you have fears that you might want to face this coming New Year? Leave me a comment or tweet me!

Also check out the first chapter of Girl Online here.
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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