Having A Bad Day

There will be days in our life where everything will not go right or as you planned. It will seem like everything is going wrong and you have no control. It seems like whatever you do is just another embarrassing moment. And on top of everything, there is that one person who is calling you out on everything you're doing.

Lately I have been having days like these with school, homework (which in my case is separate from school just because of  the fact it takes me multiple hours to complete all my assignments), home, extra curricular's and church.

Trying to balance all these activities simultaneously is becoming a BIG challenge these days. Especially with all of these scholarship applications and IA's.

My problem though, is letting all of this bundle up inside of me, trying to juggle all of these things at once really creates a lot of frustration as the days progress. I've started to let little things in my day bother me more and not putting forth a consistent effort in my school work (I have decent grades but I like to set a high bar for my self but at times it feels like I can't measure up).

By no means do I have the greatest amount of self-esteem and as I continue to walk in this path I see that I compare myself too much to the other people around me. Also the strong competitive environment is not what I like. I constantly put myself down while I compare myself to others around me not knowing that they could feel the same way. I know that it isn't good to compare myself to others that have their own strengths and weaknesses.At the same time I am around these people all day which is a constant reminder to me of how I don't possess the same skills they have.

As I have come to realize these bad days tend to bring out the worst in us and we shouldn't let them bring us down. As I said before I do have strengths, for me it is literature and writing. I adore books and the new found knowledge that comes with reading them. A weakness of mine is science which I have been dreading for the past few weeks. I have been struggling because it is hard for me to focus on something I have no interest in or passion for.

But looking on the positive side of things fine-tuning my weakness can only make me stronger.

Having a bad day is okay :)


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