Dealing With Loss

This past Thursday I lost my beloved dog Hershey... She was a Chihuahua and her birthday was on Monday. I know, I know really heart breaking but honestly I had the best 9 years with her and I will always remember her in my heart.

On the day that it happened I had to go to school, but the previous night my family knew she wasn't feeling well so they were planning on taking her to the doctor that morning. So as I went to school and saw Hershey one last time she seemed to have a sad look in her eyes, like she knew that it was her time. That afternoon I had just walked home from school as I entered my house I noticed the gate was gone (Hershey was very small, as Chihuahuas are so she was kept in the kitchen). At first I dismissed it but as I continued to walk into the kitchen my mom had asked me if I knew (my dad was supposed to pick me up after school but he went to the wrong building) and I didn't know but I wasn't surprised when she told me. Hershey had died. At first it came as a shock and then I looked over to where her bed and food used to be and they weren't there anymore. I really couldn't fathom that Hershey was gone until the next day as I walked to the kitchen to put my leg up over the gate....

For anyone that may be asking "If your dog just died why are you writing about it?", I would say I'm trying to learn how to cope, as you may have noticed I didn't mention anything about crying. I don't know why but when it comes to loosing someone I don't really cry. I did well up with tears a few times over these past few days but never full on cried. This is my second encounter with dealing with loss and I usually am in more of a state of shock rather than emotion. I've earned it good to look back on all the happy memories and not dwell on their loss. At the same time I feel the void of emotion and feel obligated to cry but then again everyone deals with these types of situations differently.

**Although the picture above is not an actual picture of Hershey this is what she looked like as a puppy and my sister named her Hershey because her caramel-colored fur reminded her of chocolate**

~In loving memory of Hershey~

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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