American Dream: Likes & Followers

So earlier this school year my English teacher gave an assignment to our class to write an essay on the American dream and this is what I wrote about....

The American dream for 2015 is to become famous. Through social media this goal of fame is not that far, it is only a click away. Through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, YouTube and more, many people have been noticed by the general public. Many artists like Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber and Becky G have been noticed through YouTube and are now top recording artists. Becky G even got to preform her hit single "Shower" at the Teen Choice Awards this past year. Also beauty vlogger (video blogger) Bethany Mota has ben noticed through YouTube and has had many opportunities. She has her own fashion line with Aeropostale, was on season 19 of Dancing with the Stars and has over 7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Although the American dream is wonderful it doesn't come without fault, with social media many that have risen to the top deal with haters (people who post rude comments) on a daily basis. Many teenagers will use filters on photos, hashtags and emojis, anything to receive an extra like or follower. Many don't realize that 100 likes means nothing if people cannot recognize the real un-filtered version of you. Valuing quality over quantity will be much more worth it in the end.

*Please not that the above version is not the exact paper, it was shortened an revised for the blog post*

Hope you in enjoyed this!
Happy Sunday

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