DIY Decorating Days

Having flowers in a room adds a unique element of nature. For $3 I was able to make this beautiful (and long lasting) piece for my room. I used a couple flowers and a vase to accomplish this.

Some things you will need; scissors, hot glue gun and glue, some flowers and a vase. I purchased the two bunches of flowers and the vase at a local dollar store.

The vase I used was 3 1/2 inches tall (8 1/2 centimeters). For the look I wanted to achieve, I needed the flowers to be a bit taller so I used the scissors to cut them to 4 inches (10 1/2 centimeters). I used four yellow flowers and five pink to alternate colors.

For additional assembly I used flower tape, which is green to match the stems of the flowers. I bunched the flowers together, alternating the colors, and used the tape to secure all the stems. I glued the flowers to bottom of the vase for a secure hold. I added ribbon I already had and some pink heart-shaped pebbles to hide the flower stem.

Placed my new creation on my book shelf :)

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