Fun in the Sun

This summer, go out and try something new! I don't have any major plans but I want to make the best of my summer. Here are a few ideas for things to do during the summer.

Going out for ice cream is always a good idea. It is a great way to cool down during a hot summer day. I like ordering the peanut butter cup Friendz at Friendly's.

During a weekend when you have nothing planned, its always a good idea take a road trip. Traveling and exploring different places is exciting. Pack a cooler with some sandwiches, snacks and drinks and you're ready to go!

Read a book. Very basic, but easy. I love going to my public library and checking out books. I'll usually go to the park or a local cafĂ© to sit and read.

These simple things can fill your summer with unexpected memories and wonderful adventures.

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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