DIY Days: Back to School

So it's that time of the year where most of us go back to school and learn things...So before that happens I thought it would be fun to make school supplies fun for school.

Here are a few easy quick DIYs to turn school supplies from blah to Ta-dah!

Washi Tape Folders

If you go school shopping late or end up getting the bargain brand just buy fun decorative tape. I purchased these at the Dollar Tree and they came 2 in one pack for $1. 

Scrapbook Notebook
This is the simplest DIY... I just went to my craft store and purchased scrapbook paper. (Some stores sell sheets separately but I recommend buying a pack, you get more for your money.) 

1. Position paper on cover of the notebook 
2. Glue paper to the front cover
3. Cut off excess paper
*optional* if you don't want the edges to peel off during the year use tape to cover the edges.

Magazine Notebook 
If you want a tumblr-ish notebook with little complication I suggest you try this out. So you just need; glue, scissors, magazine, and notebook. 

For my notebook I cut out 2 inch squares of fashion esc things. After I clipped out all my squares I arranged them on my notebook and glued them to the front.

Hope you try out all these DIYs

 Live ~Laugh~Love 

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