2015 had it's share of high points and low points but I am so glad to have a fresh start at a new year. Every year around this time people set resolutions for themselves, something cliché like eating healthier and working out more. Although some people have good intentions, the vast majority of people that set resolutions fail within the first couple of weeks in the year and fall into old habits. So in spite of all of that I have a list of goals that I want to accomplish before the new year ends.


I am a christian. I am of the Pentecostal denomination and I serve Christ. In the Christian religion we view Christ as more of a personal figure than some distant almighty being. Although his powers are great having a daily connection through prayer really helps to strengthen the spiritual relationship. this year I am going to start a Prayer Journal. I've done these in the past and find that they are so helpful for the mind and the spirit. As I believe the Lord hears our prayers, I think writing them down is helpful. I use as a way to unwind an talk about my day, almost like a diary except I know I'm not just talking to myself, I know he is watching over me and listening and reading my prayers.


I am very passionate about a lot of things; fashion, writing, art and recently photography. I always put my passions aside to focus on other things and I have recently lost sight of what i truly enjoy doing with my life. This year I want to improve my blog posts with better quality pictures and more content. I also want to get back into drawing. I'm not the best artists but I enjoying sketching things and creating something new. I LOVE fashion and want to start doing more fashion posts and reading up on some of the fashion legends and learning about their success. I've started to enjoy photographing things and people, I want to invest in a camera and start taking photos as a hobby and really perfect the craft. Although this may seem like a lot of things I want to do more of what I love.

3. Learn ASL

A few years ago I started watching Switched at Birth on ABC family. I was captured in all the drama but the one thing that hooked me on the show was the diverse characters. On this show they had deaf characters. Although I am no stranger to what deafness is, the show really captured me because up until that point I had never met a deaf person or interacted with them. After seeing a few seasons of the show I got curious about American Sign Language and ventured out to try to learn it. That Christmas I asked my aunt to find me an ASL book that I could read and learn different signs. I did a bunch of research online and found really cool websites. I now know how to introduce myself and sign my name. I also know other basic signs but after a while the adrenaline wore off and I haven't learned much since. This past week I went to the Starbucks at my local Target and the barista that was making my Peppermint Mocha was deaf. When she handed me my drink I signed 'thank you' and the smile on her face made me feel special. I know that learning ASL could prove to be an awesome way to interact with people and be introduced to a whole bunch of new friends. 


As I said before I have been focusing my energy on other things. Recently I have rekindled my  relationship with reading. I have loved reading since I was three years old! Being able to escape reality for a second and be totally entranced in another world is an amazing feeling. I honestly love reading and to combat my desire I have subscribed to a YouTube channel that's all about books! Abookutopia is a channel run by Sasha, just recently subscribed and it was the best decision ever. She does awesome book reviews, recommends great books and other bookish related things. I highly recommend subscribing!


Ever heard of the show Extreme Couponing? Well it is essentially a show where people abuse the power coupons by buying hundreds of dollars of food for just pennies (this is not an exaggeration). I started couponing 2 years ago, the same year I started my job and this blog. I wrote a blog post about the early stages of my couponing, although I am now an experienced couponer I stopped because it gets hard when you mix in school and extra curricular activities. Although couponing is time consuming, it is worth it. Since the summer of 2014 I haven't had to buy disposable razors for my household. Today I re-stocked and bought two packs of 10-pack razors for $1.80, before coupons the bill was at $6.40. Being reminded of the power of coupons made me realize that I need to make time for it because it truly saves you a lot of money in the long run.


Just recently I was thinking how this is going to be on of the craziest years of my life. Transitioning from a High school senior to a College freshman in a matter of months! I want to document my adventures with my friends and the places and things I do with pictures. I plan on documenting my year with pictures I've taking and getting them printed (and hopefully get a camera that prints out Polaroids). I want to paste them into a bank book with plain pages (no lines) to decorate and write memories in so at the end of 2016 I can flip through and look at how much I've grown, what things I've accomplished and how far I've come.

I hope all of you all have had a wonderful start to your year!
Live ~Laugh~Love 

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