Freshman Feels (College)

Written on August 19th, 2016
Today marks two days until I move into college and the rest of my life changes.....

Although the first line of this post may seem a bit dramatic, college is it's own different world with it's own set of rules and it's own culture. I deem myself very independent although I've never been away from my parents for longer than two weeks. I know how to clean and cook for myself, I understand and know what my responsibilities are.

But for some reason I can't shake the nervous feeling I get when I think about college and moving out. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm moving out of state for college or the fact that I hardly know anyone. Maybe just the fact that I'll be a significant amount of distance away from everything I know.

Although being far from home is exhilarating, it'll be great to have some freedom. But I think all my worries just boil down to change. i don't like change, people in general don't like change. It's not because I'm not open to new experiences, it's just that it takes me a while to be in a comfortable place with people. Throughout my years (in the social aspect) I've had so many changes and struggles.

All in all college is scary yet a wonderful experience.

September 8th, 2016
This week is the 3rd week that I've been in college and I have a lot to say about it, good things and bad.

First, I want to start off by saying that college is different than what I imagined in many different ways. At least at my school, the general vibe is pretty chill. Everyone goes about their business but everyone remains friendly and cordial with one another. My campus is very spacious, not too large or two small. Often times I find myself looking at people sitting or laying in the grass sometimes doing homework or talking with others, as I walk to my classes.

Second, there are other places to study other than the library. In all the buildings around campus you will find designated areas to study. Many places have chairs and tables set-up or have a comfortable nook with couches and then there is always a good spot out on the grass. There are endless places to go and find a place to study.

Third, it is hard to live in a place social and being academic coincide. Now this is not a bad thing it is just a matter of priority and self-control. Since college is nothing like high school everyone has different schedules spaced out throughout the day. You may have an hour class at 10am and not have your next class until 4pm, what do you do with the rest of your time? Well that's all up to you. There could be a club meeting at 12pm and you would want to get lunch at 1pm. Then you could hang out with your friends or do homework or watch Netflix. As you can see, in college there is no separation between home and school life they coexist but this is when your time managing skills will be put to the test.

Fourth, being college means no supervision, which means no parents, which essentially means no rules. Often times I find myself inhaling the foul smell of marijuana or tobacco in the late hours of the night. I live on the lower floor of my dorm building and find it utterly frustrating to know that there is no designated space for smokers on campus. I am opposed to smoking but cannot make someone stop but what I can do is suggest that they smoke elsewhere. Since there is no air conditioning in my dorm and I am forced to have my window open or risk the dangers of my room being a sauna. Also I have found that people in my dorm building must be sexually active because on two accounts I found condoms around the building. One in the elevator and one in the washer... Nothing is safe anymore.

Fifth, homesickness is very real, but very normal. I have experienced it a couple times in the few weeks that I've been here. College is a huge transition stage and no matter how hard you try you will feel some form of home sickness. I felt in the weight of missing my friends and my day-to-day way of life with my family. I have adjusted quite well but for me, I most dreaded having to make friends again in college and that's what I've been struggling with. Opening up and being vulnerable with people is a very hard thing to do but luckily I've put myself out there, joined clubs and have met some amazing people. I also call my family at least once a day to update them on my life.

Finally, trying new things can be scary at first but it ultimately is great in the end. Within the past few weeks I have been putting myself out there and trying new things joining different clubs and talking to cool people. I'm still finding my way around and I'm learning new things everyday but my best advice to anyone in college is to not be afraid. Don't shut yourself in your dorm in fear of all the great things your campus has to offer.

Live ~Laugh~Love 

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