COLLEGE UPDATE - Post Election Thoughts

I will be writing this post in the form of a letter. I find it is easier for me to write when I feel like someone can respond back. Writing in a letter format also helps me to be more conversational in my writing and less structured. Hope you enjoy!

Hello Friends,

It has been two months since my last entry and I am truly sorry. I have been very busy with college life and never anticipated how strenuous my routine would be. Although I have been at school for 3 months, I am still adjusting to everything. I always feel like I am meeting someone knew or learning something different.

With the outcome of the election last week I thought it would be appropriate to publish something. As a form of self-care I write. Writing helps me to clear out my head and process what I am feeling. Although many people make fun of millennial for having a safe-space, I truly believe that having a space to process and breathe is very important for mental health. In years past I would use a diary to summarize my day and I would talk to my parents about small trivial things in my life. But if something ever really bothered me I would keep it too myself. I wouldn't tell my parents so they wouldn't have to worry and I wouldn't tell my friends because I didn't want to burden them with my problems.

Although I recognize that this is a horrible way of thinking and not in any way healthy, I never had a great self-care routine. As I have been going through college the last couple of months I have been finding ways to help me understand and process my thoughts. I talk to a close friend of mine. I talk to my family regularly. I also see a counselor every few weeks on campus. All these things have helped to contribute to a better state of mind.

On the topic of the election I am saddened by the results of the people. Although Donald Trump was not my first pick as the next president of the United States, it is what it is. I believe his campaign was intentional and he preyed on the ignorance of many Americans. I truly believe Donald Trump is not as deeply bigoted as he portrays himself to be. But this is not to dismiss all the horrible things he said against people of color, women, LGBTQ and Muslim people.

On the other hand I was not a big fan of Hillary Clinton either and if I am being honest I voted third party, And before you go on a tangent saying that I am the reason Hillary lost and now we have Trump. I just want to make one thing clear, I am not the reason she lost. I never wanted her to win. Since the DNC scandal surrounding the Primary election the democratic party was split; pro-Hillary and pro-Sanders. In addition to the party being split there are 11,000 Americans who wrote in Harambe for President. Why am I receiving backlash for voting for someone who was actually on the ballot as opposed to someone who wrote in the name of a gorilla who was wrongfully slain?

On that note I voted. End of story. As a woman of color, who historically were one of the last people to obtain the right to vote, I am glad that I got to the chance to register and use the power I had to make a difference. Although my candidate did not win, I still made my voice heard and made a difference.



Live ~Laugh~Love

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