New Year, New Habits

Every year at this time people make resolutions so that they can become a better person. Whether physically, emotionally or mentally everyone wants to become a better version of themselves in he year and set unrealistic resolutions for themselves. Along with these unrealistic goals, most people give up trying to achieve them within the first month of the new year.

I am not suggesting to be the same person you are now. Everyone should always try to be the best person they possibly can but try doing it in smaller amounts of time at a less intense rate.

For this new year a resolution of mine would be, to be a healthier person. I know, I know its a cliché but its true! So to make this an easier task to take on over this next year, starting the first week of January (January 4th) I will not eat fast food for the rest of the month. This is going to be extremely difficult because I like eating fast food. I'm not saying I eat fast food everyday but when I do I enjoy it. So seeing what happens over these next couple of weeks will be interesting.

Another thing I want to do is become more studious. These past few months have been very stressful with school. I've been getting lots of assignments, and with each assignment my motivation weakens! So for these next couple of days I'm going to make things interesting...In my room I have a lot of empty wall space. on one of the spaces I will be putting a tear pad on it. So with each assignment I get, I will write it on the pad and cross it off when I've completed it. Checklists usually work well, and knowing that I've completed an assignment should give me the satisfaction I need!

In my previous post I also mentioned that I want to be true to myself. This is really self- explanatory but for those who need clarification, I want to say with any decision I am faced with now or in the future I want the answer to be what I have to say and not what other people want to hear.

That's all I can think up for now and those are all the little goals I aim to accomplish. Let me know what your resolutions are in the comments!

This will be the last post of 2014

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