Part Four: Internal Assessments

Internal Assessments or IA's as we like to call them, is a term that students in the IB program use. Internal Assessments are essentially a project that must completed by the student in the correct manner (aka in an organized way that is of the IB standards).

By the third marking period (second semester), students are expected to complete these IA's for all the corresponding subjects. For me this includes all of my core subjects. This means that I must create and complete a project by myself without help from my teacher.  And in order to get an A it must be conducted by IB standards.

For Biology I have not one but two IA's that I have to complete. For this class my IA is conducted almost like a science fair project (an experiment that you would usually conduct in primary school) but my research has to organized and precise. Which is easier said than done.

Although we have a month and some days to create, conduct and complete the experiment with seven other classes that also give homework and extra curricular it is going to be a challenge.

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